The Surprising Joys and Hidden Benefits of Spring Cleaning

When I was growing up, my German raised mom, dad, and live-in grandmother Oma participated in a yearly spring cleaning ritual. Spring cleaning involved a complete top to bottom cleaning of every square inch of our home. Our house would spend at least two weeks deep cleaning, washing, and polishing everything to produce that spring-fresh feeling. And I mean everything.

Dad could be outside on the ladder cleaning out the gutters, washing down the siding of the home, and scrubbing the outside of the windows. When he was done, he’d reorganize the detached garage. Next, he’d be down in the garden turning within the compost pile in anticipation of planting the garden.

Inside, mom and Oma were busy washing every curtain and window lace, and then removing the blinds so they could be washed yourself in the bathtub. Every light fixture was fastidiously made to sparkle. The entire contents of the china hutch, including the china, crystal, and silver, was washed, dried, and polished. Each furniture piece was dusted and then moved so the carpets could be scrupulously deep cleaned and the wooden floors buffed. When those tasks were complete, there was also an attic and basement that required attention.

My sister Elke and I didn’t escape the flurry of spring cleaning activity. As part of the family we had our many chores… and there was no playing until those chores were complete.

Today’s spring cleaning may not be as involved, nevertheless when the warmer weather arrives, it’s a perfect time to wonderful time to generate some new energy by packing away cold temperatures clothing, engaging in clutter control, and playing in the yard. Here are four reasons spring cleaning will straight away invigorate your life.

Clutter Control
There’s nothing like the entrance of springtime to prompt us to clear out clutter and make space for new energy and opportunities. Clutter often accumulates over time. We become used to living with closets stuffed with too many clothes and shoes, kitchens filled with old boxes of food and trashy catchall drawers, and workspaces overflowing with piles of magazines, stacks of paper, and unfiled receipts. All that clutter can leave us with low levels of energy, feeling irritable, inefficient, as well as mildly depressed. It’s never easy to start cleaning your clutter. But as spring offers our bodies a burst of liveliness, we can funnel that energy into organizing our living spaces. Just rent a dumpster in Cedar Park and throw it all in! When it is done, you’ll be feeling confident, accomplished, and ready to take it easy!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors
After hibernating indoors all winter, spring offers a great excuse to get out into the outdoors and sunshine. On those perfect spring warm weather days, get yourself outside and beautify the yard. Being in nature can have a profound effect on both our psyche and our health. Sometimes we must feel the earth under our feet, to dig in the earth and plant flowers joyfully with enthusiasm. Spring is when we reawaken our quiet fascination with life.