Tips for Spring Cleaning: The Stay At Home Mom’s Guide to Cleaning Made Easy – And Fast!

Let us face it, dirt happens. The kids track it all within the clean kitchen and canine runs through the house following you’re done cleaning carpets. I think we can all agree – dirt sucks! Given that we have the ‘dirt sucks’ out of the way, we can get to the great stuff, Tips for Spring Cleaning! To start, the purpose of the methods for spring cleaning is to assist you to conquer the dust, dirt, and grime that has accumulated under the couch, under the icebox, and under the bed throughout the last year (or more! ). Using these tips for spring cleaning does not have to wait before the spring. There are a few specific areas to pay attention to – and also a few secrets – such as the miracle cleaning product that you already have in your house! Finally, nobody likes spending throughout the day cleaning. Find out why ‘speed cleaning’ any room in your house works like a charm, and you accomplish it FAST!

The first of the tips for spring cleaning: deep cleaning. (If you have a child cleaning, have them read this!!! ) It isn’t just sweeping, it is sweeping and mopping. It isn’t just vacuuming, it is vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets. From the top of the refrigerator to behind the toilet your property is going to be spotless!

The next of the tips for spring cleaning, use a checklist as a starting point and add things particular to each room. A list of the entire house may be overwhelming – start with one room. Once you have your checklist complete for the first room, on to the next!

A couple of areas of the home need of special attention. Keeping a clean kitchen is a job that should not be taken lightly. The burner drip pans can be extremely difficult to clean – consider replacing them, they truly are inexpensive and make the stove top sparkle! Toilets are always a burden – use Coke to scrub, weird but it works. Clean carpets are great, but keeping them smelling fresh isn’t easy. Sprinkle baking soda (make sure it’s not chunky) lightly over your carpet – a bit more in heavy traffic areas – followed by a spray bottle of vinegar, bringing a foam to the carpet. Let your solution foam for a few minutes, until it stops bubbling. Finally, vacuum well and let dry – dry time is determined by amount of vinegar used.

The best of tips for spring cleaning: What cleaning solution to use? Hint: you need to use it with baking non-alcoholic drink to clean carpets… That’s right, vinegar! It’s my secret weapon (and it should be yours too), it works great for most cleaning, and it is super low priced. Add water and you can clean almost anything with newspaper (windows/glass), a sponge (counter tops/surfaces), or a brush (carpet/rugs) – make sure to test first on carpet and rugs. Use disinfectant on food prep surfaces and other potentially contaminated areas. You may also clean your coffee maker! Make a 4 to 1 water to vinegar mixture and run it through as normal followed by plain water, then hand wash and rinse (DO NOT use soap), and voila, clean! Using vinegar as your main cleaning solution will save you time, money, and keep the environment safe – and we all that way!