Top 4 Obvious Reasons Why Spring Cleaning Must Be Your Priority This Summer

When all seems dull and lost, the world produces a touch of hope. Under the snowy fa├žade lies an unborn life ready to burst through the barriers. The world will now be a happier place with daffodils and crocus flowers aiming at imprinting a smile on that face. The green, the blue, the yellow, the pink, the brown and the frowns are turned upside down. It is spring! The season for rejuvenation and renovation. An excuse to start a brand new life or a new life style.

Spring comes with a package deal. It’s spring cleaning and it indicates serious business. So get your gloves on, your dust mask tight and hold your broom strong and firm! Because we intend to turn the house upside down.

The 3-W’s of Spring Cleaning:


The history of spring cleaning is vast. The majority of it are rumours. Nevertheless the gist of it is that, during the winters, especially places with harsh winds and blizzards, the houses were heated with coal, high quality wood and oil. They frequently lit up with candles. This caused a havoc at the end of the winter season. The soot, the dust and, of course, the stubborn wax were almost everywhere.

At the break of dawn, on the first summer day, they get down business. Each and every soul in the family (who escaped the savage cold), including our beloved hybrid pomsky dog, would storm around the house, pulling off the furniture, mopping the floors, replacing bed linens, scrubbing the walls, removing the dust and soot from canvases and probably de-lousing is the worst case scenario. While the rich ones would hire housemaids, who arm themselves with washrags and broomsticks. They would split themselves in to two power teams, where one would take care of the floors, walls and bookshelves while the others work on the more intricate spots of your house.


On a warm and dry day. On a hot and bright day. On a bright and happy day. On a… basically, spring cleaning may be just about anything, on any day. It is often a metaphor used to describe a heavy duty work or an important work done before an event. Example, you have an audit coming and you get your affairs in order, then that is you doing some spring cleaning at the office. So go ahead, cleanup whenever you feel like or you are able to wait till your floor goes missing. Works in either case.


Now this Ladies and Gentleman is why we’re here.

Why do we need to do spring cleaning?

In the modern day, we no further have soot, dust and coal marks engraving our homes. With the impeccable technology of heaters, centralised air-conditioning, vacuum cleaners and automatic washers, little do we need manual help for heating our houses. But still there are certain trade-offs you cannot ignore: – Our homes are air-tight and full of harmful gases and chemicals from floor wax, wall paints and microfibers existing in our carpets. Our very own kitchen, where we cook and eat has filth that go unnoticed. And our ovens? Exactly how many of us actually clean our ovens on a regular basis? Here is a big tip before we begin. Get yourself someone to come out a haul away your old appliances. Believe me, it will be worth it.

But just like secrets, our domiciles too deserve fresh air and sunlight. So let us get the skeletons out of the closet.